Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy in Maple Grove?

many women use chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy

Pregnancy is a unique time in a woman's life filled with new experiences, heightened excitement, mixing emotions, and significant physical changes. It's also a time filled with many unanswered questions.

The following links provide much of the basic and more complex, yet essential information that can assist the mother-to-be in her quest for a smooth uncomplicated pregnancy in Maple Grove and a healthy baby.

Pregnancy & Chiropractic care in Maple Grove

More than any other time and for many important reasons, you will want to be treated during pregnancy. Let’s start with the most important reason of all…the health of your baby. How do you think a mother’s body knows what and how to give the growing baby all the right information (DNA, genes, etc…) and nutrition for healthy development? It comes from a master control center within mom. This we call innate intelligence.

This intelligence uses the nervous system to send and receive signals to orchestrate the miracle of life. What if that intelligence is blocked because it can’t get the message to the developing baby? Just like a short circuit in an electrical system things begin to shut down. In this case, it’s the development of life. This is why more than any other time, it is so important for a mom to get adjusted and stay adjusted throughout pregnancy.

I have treated thousands of mother’s during pregnancy and after delivery. Here is what I have seen (many studies back this as well)…

  • shorter delivery time (many less than one hour)
  • less complications (less issues with breach)
  • healthier babies
  • better bonding between mom and baby

Pregnant moms receiving chiropractic treatment understand they have better options for delivery. More natural delivery options would include water birth and squatting. Try pooping on your back with your legs in the air and see just how difficult that is. Ever wonder why doctors in Western hospitals recommend this type of delivery?

Chiropractic moms are more informed. They don’t just take their OBGYN’s word on everything when it comes to their health and the health of their baby. Who cares more about your child’s health? That is why you (mom and dad) need to get informed about health and the birthing process.

  • Know the difference between good and bad vitamins for mom and your baby.
  • Know what foods are bad for mom during and after pregnancy.
  • Know the best birthing options for your baby.
  • Know what vaccinations you may want to refuse.
  • Know what harmful drugs that may be offered you and your baby.

Bringing a new life into the world is serious business. You want the best health team possible. Professionals on the team you will want to consider include: chiropractor, midwife, doula, and even an OBGYN that understands and promotes natural birthing. Your baby’s health depends on it.

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